Thursday, May 12, 2016

Everybody Loves Charo! Best of Photos of the Taco Loving Boyfriend Stealing Chihuahua!

She's perfectly quiet. She loves tacos, Thai food, dirty blues music, and sitting on the laps of sexy men.  Her name is Charo the Chihuahua. 

Here's a little song I like to play that she likes. Enjoy with the photos! 

That one day Charo ran with the bulls in Spain

With her " Dogfather "  Jetto! 

An afternoon with one of her many fans! 

I wish I looked that cute when I slept! 

Look at that profile! She should be in movies! 

Every day is Christmas with Charo! 

Slim's Last Chance is one of her favorite places to go to see bands because they allow dogs in their patio and they serve tacos! 

Got a taco? Charo is on her way to see you! 

Feeling sad and blue? Charo's hugs will make the pain go away! 

I have so many funny photos of her, but not too much time today, I will add lots more photos soon,  and to have a blog done on your fabulous pet, email me at and we'll do a special blog on your dog! 

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